Marketing Technology

We’re providing cutting edge technology and platforms to marketers all over the world. With our background in across all traffic channels and lead generation, our platforms are a result of internal needs that we could not find in an external vendor.

CallBids is the call tracking platform developed by us for our own need of a call tracking and routing system as a lead generation company that was not available  in the marketplace. Our robust system has some key features that are an industry first because our system was built to address the real day to day needs of both publishers and advertisers.

Tickleit, is our  powerful software platform to simplify your sms messaging marketing and solve deliverability. Tickleit is a rare sms platform that doesn’t charge per message but actually allows customers to bring their own accounts from leading SMS providers such as Twilio, Plivo and Message360.

Our emailing platform allows us to get the best delivery of emails by connecting up to 12 different email delivery services and load balancing your campaigns. You’re also able email from multiple email identities so you’re engagement is always at it’s best.

Postal Response, is our beta proprietary direct mail platform to manage your mailing campaigns. We have directly integrated into several key mailhouse companies backend’s so that we can always guarantee the best pricing in real time with no back and forth on price quotes.